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Frostbite is a survival strategy game with some limited shooter elements as well as some “Infected” (Zombie-Like) enemy A.I. The game focuses on survival tactics and collection of resources. The Player will need to make choices about where to seek refuge, what to eat and drink, and what to take or leave behind. Each time the player makes a choice they need to remember that their decisions can have negative consequences and/or undesirable side effects. If the player chooses to drink unsanitary water to avoid a dehydration death a possible side effect could be the player getting sick. Frostbite is a “one life to live” game meaning, If the player dies the game is over, as there is no respawn. The game utilizes a dynamic player interface system that intuitively switches between playstyle mechanics and visual aesthetics. In addition, the mechanical aesthetics the game incorporates when coupled with the atmosphere of the project will most certainly provide the player with an entertaining experience and elicit the intended emotional response.


Marissa Torres

Rodolfo Santillan


Platform: PC

Genre: 3rd Person/Top Down Shooter

Target:  13+ year old, males and females

What is Project Frostbite

Project Frostbite is a cross between a third person adventure game and a 2.5D isometric shooter. The game has some survival elements where the player must decide to consume food and water that might be less than clean or healthy. By consuming these types of items the player will get points added to one meter but it may remove points from another.

This Project showed me to what is possible by a small team in a short timeframe. The team of only three was able to produce a functional game in just one month.

The numbers

The project started off on the wrong foot as it was supposed to be a 5 man team but turned out that our team would only have 3 members. We put our heads down and all made the decision that even being 2 team members short we would not allow the project to fail.

  • Coding- 35%
  • Game Design – 45%
  • Modeling – 20%


Of combat is top-down

day Completion


Survival Game Play

Amazing Result

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