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The Challenge

To design a completeĀ  Choose Your Own Adventure game that has both randomly chosen pathways and Player chosen pathways but without the player knowing the random elements. Additionally, the entire project had to be done in Twine and published to the web.

TheĀ Solution

The solution was to create an extensive set of encounters for each chosen pathway narrative. Then using a coding like a process I interweaved the entire network and used a formula that calculated a random roll to determine what the next set of choices would be. This way the player still had the ability to make choices yet the game secretly randomly chose some of the next options available to the player. This resulted in a basic form of a procedurally generated story.

Project Details


Random to Player Choices


Created in Twine

Week Completion Timeframe

Very Complex System

Skills Utilized

  • Problem Solving 70%
  • Game Design 25%
  • Formula Development 10%

The Results Were Amazing

The Capsule is a choose your own adventure game. It is a very interesting look at what drives us to make choices and how those choices affect us.