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Violence Solves Everything places you in the role of a maintenance service robot desperately trying to salvage an ancient warship that is stranded in deep space. Something has gone horribly wrong with the ship. Many of the main sections of the ship are inaccessible and all you have are a handful of weapons scattered about the ship to conduct repairs. You’re not sure how the weapons got there, or what catastrophe has led to the ship being in its current state. But, you’re a maintenance robot and it’s your job to repair it. So, grab what you can and let’s get to work!


Gabe Estela

Delta Gier

Randy Pasion

Evan Schwartz


Platform: PC

Genre: 3d Side Scroller Platformer

Target:  12-25 year old, males and females

What is Violence Solves Everything?

You take on the role of a lonely maintenance robot that has just been activated. The ship is in shambles, much of the ship is inaccessible and you appear to be all alone. You can access the central hub and get status reports on the dying ship. Most areas are offline and need to be powered up or repaired. A few maintenance accessways are all that remain to maneuver around the ship. The maintenance bay, where your tools and replacement parts would be, is completely detached from the ship. You’ll have to improvise. For the most part, the ship looks like a warzone. Creatively using weapons and repurposing non-essential parts of the ship, you’ll need to conduct repairs and start bringing sections of the ship back online. Your goal is to get to the main bridge, find out what happened and get the ship back under control and on course. Failure is not an option.
“You appear to be all this ship has. Let’s see what you’re made of, little bot!”
As a story-driven, non-combat game, the main goal of Violence Solves Everything will always be to restore the functionality of the ship (which acts as the world the player is in). However, this goal is broken down into smaller objectives throughout the game. For example, in the beginning, the player is given the objective to reach the “Central Hub” part of the ship. This objective can then be broken down again, as the path to the Hub is riddled with jumping challenges that help the player to familiarize themselves with the main controls and the Shotgun’s “double/assisted jump” mechanics.
Each connecting pathway to every section of the ship contains challenges and puzzles that further encourage the player to master their current equipment. There are also larger puzzles involved in the process of restoring functionality to the sections.
This Project allowed me to stretch myself and my skill set. I learned a great deal about the development process and what I was capable of.

A story in Development…

While the project started as a Capstone project for Full Sail University It has developed into a labor of love. The team continues to develop and polish the project in our spare time. We have intentions to complete development on the project and publish to a platform like Steam. Once the project reaches a good state of refinement we will begin to set in motion the steps necessary to publish.

What was achieved was done in 3-4 months which was no small feat. The project required a great deal of time and it was common to see well over 500+ man-hours per month during that time. The team was comprised of 5 designers and we feel that while we brought the project to a completed state we could do more.

The numbers

The skills I learned on this project were invaluable to me as it set me up for work in a “Real-World” environment. The process of development through the 4-month timeframe creates situations similar to those in a studio environment or professional setting. I look forward to this type of work atmosphere and can thrive in both a team environment or solo work.
  • Coding- 10%
  • Asset Development – 80%
  • User Interface – 100%




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