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Why I Test Games…

As a designer, I’m completely aware of the importance of proper playtests and their place in the development tree. Playtest are one of the single most important tools available in the industry today. When done right the wealth of knowledge that can be ascertained is incomparable to any other design and development tool available to a game developer.
I grew up on games and I desire to see the industry grow and achieve a level of greatness that builds upon the strength and quality that today’s games bring to the market. If I can assist another developer in elevating the quality of the experience the player will have then in some ways I am making the industry stronger.
No matter how hard a developer works to find every bug or issue in every system or mechanic an additional set of trained eyes on the project is a completely beneficial resource. I test games because I’m a gamer, and I’m not only a gamer but a game designer, this is my industry and I test games to help lay the foundations needed to make the industry the best it can be.


What’s Wrong With Beta Tests Today…

You always hear about the next great Beta Test, don’t get me wrong I already stated how important it is… When done right! Today most gamers just want to be involved so they can claim the prestige or to get early access and don’t understand what a Beta or even an Alpha is useful for or how to even fill out a proper bug report. But it is not just the players who are at fault here, if a studio is simply using the Beta or Alpha to promote sales as in the “preorder and you’ll get access to our beta” mentality then they are not utilizing the playtest to its full potential and at that point it just becomes a marketing strategy instead of a useful tool. It’s quite alright to offer early access to players for pre-order, but call it that and qualify your Alpha and Beta with quality play testers or at least offer them some quick training on how they can best help you develop your product and how to submit a quality bug report.


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Name: Lee Klasinski

Name: Lee Klasinski

Gamer Tag: Glitch

  • Visual Bugs 100% 100%
  • Coding 75% 75%
  • Mechanics Testing 85% 85%
  • User Experience 95% 95%

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